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Single Music

Lacroix Pixel Art NFT

40 of 50 available

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About the design of this NFT art

Designed by our soprano singer Saya, this is our first NFT art, featuring six band members and our mascot character "Seshibon" in pixel art. The product is limited to 50 pieces and the price is $25. There is no limit to the number of items you can purchase. There is no plan to resell the product.

About the flow after purchase

Once you’ve purchased an NFT, you will receive an email containing a button to claim it.

The “Claim Your NFT” button will take you to a landing page that will guide you through the process.

First, you will be prompted to either connect your Solana wallet or create one if you don’t already have one.

Note: Check out our "What Is a Wallet" article HERE.

If you don’t have one and click “No,” you will see a prompt to download Phantom Wallet on the next page. You can use any Solana wallet, but we recommend this one Phantom because it’s simple and free.

If you already have a wallet and click “Yes,” or once you have created one, you will see a section where you can select the type you want to connect. Select which one you have and your wallet address should be automatically imported after you have verified your credentials.

Verify that your wallet address is correct and then click “Start Transfer.”

NOTE: Once the transfer of an NFT has been initiated, it CANNOT be undone, so make SURE the wallet address is correct.

From there, you will be taken to a page showing the success of the transfer. This page will also have links to download the JPG of the NFT and shareable links of the image to post on social media if you would like. Additionally, if you would like to sell or trade your NFT, you will see a link to the site Magic Eden, one of the largest secondary Solana NFT markets.

Note: To learn more about selling your NFT on Magic Eden, please see our helpful article HERE.